This Ugly House

This is a log of This Ugly House. We purchased a 100 year old home that has not been updated since 1978. The idea behind this blog is to chronicle the trials and triumphants of updating This Ugly House and showing what a true beauty it can really be.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Kitchen

This is the kitchen. As you can see we call this "The Castle". With the orange tile that runs along the back of the kitchen and that wonderful stick on vinyl flooring this room is need of serious updating. The green appliances are a nice touch...for 1978. This is another example of the potential of This Ugly House. The island is ginormous. There is loads of cabinet space along with a decent amount of countertop space. It's hard to tell from this pic but the countertop is a laminated made to look like butcher block. All of the cabinets have that trim piece glued and nailed to the center of the doors that will be a joy to remove without harming the doors.

For remodel work in the kitchen we are planning on removing the sticky (not really anymore) vinyl squares and replacing it with cork. If you have never seen cork flooring before check out this link. It's some pretty nice stuff and it should offer a nice bonus cushion to the kitchen floor. The top of the island is going to come out to offer a better view into the dining room. The actual island itself will be replaced with a slightly smaller one that is in a "U" type style. If I find a pic I will post it. All of the countertops are going to be replaced with either granite or quartz.


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