This Ugly House

This is a log of This Ugly House. We purchased a 100 year old home that has not been updated since 1978. The idea behind this blog is to chronicle the trials and triumphants of updating This Ugly House and showing what a true beauty it can really be.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dining Room Part I

This is the door way into the dining room that was shown from the back door. This door needs to be installed as it is an opening to the drafty basement. I don't want to have to heat (or cool for that matter) the basement. Note the well worn carpeting. This carpeting will all be replaced with a beautiful bamboo hardwood floor. If you have never seen bamboo flooring check out this link. Bamboo flooring is harder than maple and should offer a truly unique look in the dining room. The color in the link is pretty much the color that we want to go with.


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